GI News—April 2012

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  • What to do about Easter treats with Dr Alan Barclay;
  • ‘Quit the Sit’ – short breaks improve BGLs and insulin levels by up to 30%;
  • Prof Maria Fiatarone Singh’s tips to break up sitting time;
  • Is home cooking healthier?
  • When it comes to rice (brown or white), it’s the GI that matters;
  • Emma Stirling gives us the scoop on GUMPS: grown up milks;
  • New GI values: 3 low GI breakfast biscuits and 7 GUMPs.

‘Jamie’s Ministry of Food is a practical solution to the problems of obesity and diet-related disease,’ said Alicia Peardon, Program Director for Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia in a press release announcing their collaboration with the Ballieu government to set up Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Victoria (Australia). It’s rather a big claim to fame as it does depend on what’s cooking – the recipe, the ingredients and the portion on the plate. We are all for home cooking. There are so many benefits from the mouth-watering aromas that fill the house and the pleasure of preparing great-tasting food (low GI of course) for family and friends to knowing exactly what is in the meal you and your family are tucking into. This is one reason why we give you plenty of tasty recipes each month in the GI News Kitchen. This month is no exception with three recipes plus Ali Roberts deliciously spicy and aromatic (moderate GI) hot cross buns as a bonus.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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