GI News—May 2012

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  • Baby’s birth weight and Mum’s BGLs – Prof Jennie Brand Miller explains the link;   
  • Dr Alan Barclay on how to build yourself up with low GI foods;  
  • The scoop on potassium with Emma Stirling;  
  • How The Biggest Loser promotes weight bias;  
  • Nicole Senior explores the myth that you should eat according to your blood type;  
  • Three recipes from the GI News kitchen.  

Infant birth weights and childhood obesity have increased hand in hand over recent decades in most industrialised nations. ‘We now know that life inside the womb is a critical period for the metabolic “programming” of obesity in later life, says Prof Jennie Brand-Miller. ‘Mum’s weight at the time of conception and weight gain from early to late pregnancy profoundly influences her baby’s birth weight and future risk of becoming overweight. In addition, we now believe that the increasing GI of the modern diet might also be a factor.’ Read about why blood glucose levels matter in pregnancy in Food for Thought.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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