GI News – June 2017

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GI News

We are going with the grain. We can’t put a date on when our forebears began pounding and grinding the tough little seeds they gathered, but it was long before we became farmers. The evidence is in our genes. This month you’ll also discover why going gluten free may not lower your risk of heart disease and why your brain needs veggies. Ted Kyle looks at alternate day fasting hype; Dr Alan Barclay explains why we should consume at least as much potassium in our diet as sodium; Jennie Brand-Miller puts some popular wholegrain health claims in perspective, and Nicole Senior unplugs ancient grains. While they add variety to the diet, and give us additional healthy food options, they are nutritionally similar to modern grains but tend to be more expensive.

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Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, AM, PhD, FAIFST, FNSA
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