GI News – March 2020

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GI News

All our forebears drank for thousands and thousands of years was plain water. It’s all that they had available (apart from breast milk as infants). It’s also essential to life. But it faces stiff competition these days with supermarket shelves groaning with bottled and canned choices. In Food for Thought we look at plant waters (coconut, maple and birch) and what’s in them. In What’s New we review cow’s milk for post exercise recovery; Dr Alan Barclay discusses thirst and hydration in Perspectives; in Diabetes Care we look at what to drink to quench your thirst; the GI Shopping Guide focuses on juicy fruits such as melons, mangoes, papaya and pineapple; and in Good Carbs Food Facts we check out noodles.

GI News is published online every month by the University of Sydney, School of Life and Environmental Sciences and the Charles Perkins Centre, and delivered to the mailboxes of our 97,000 subscribers. Our goal is to help people choose the high-quality carbs that are digested at a rate that our bodies can comfortably accommodate and to share the latest scientific findings on food and diet with a particular focus on carbohydrates, dietary fibres, blood glucose and the glycemic index.

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, AM, FAA, FAIFST, FNSA
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