GI News—February 2008

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In this issue of GI News

  • Debunking the carrot myth
  • The blood-glucose-reducing pucker power of vinegar
  • The Low GI Family Cookbook hits the stands
  • Are chia seeds a magic food?
  • Exercise builds brain health
  • What’s on the menu when it comes to food for love?

We have the power to change the shape of things to come says Dr David Ludwig in his column this month. With time for physical education classes for our kids being gobbled up by other academic demands, he shares the story of how one inspirational teacher, Patty Nolan of Warren Point Elementary School in Fair Lawn New Jersey, took matters into her own hands and made a real difference to the children and families of her community. Also this month our chef Kate Hemphill has more fabulous fare including a Mango, passion fruit and lime fruit salad that your editor has made several times this summer already and Hermin Halim sorts fact from fiction in the GI or GL question.

Good eating, good health and good reading.


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