Your Success Stories

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‘This is such the right way to go! I am a completely different person now.’ – Adriana
I have tried everything in the past – you mention it and I have done it from high protein regimens to eating pineapple + tuna every day or simply starving. I did not understand what was happening in my body and what was making me eat so much of the wrong types of food. The low glycemic concept came to me around two years ago and my life changed since. I forgot what is like to be in the yo-yo cycle, what is like to crave for food, being moody or having regular headaches when I am hungry. I now have excellent control of what I eat and I am a healthy weight. There are two reasons for this: I am not longer addicted to the high GI carbohydrates and I do not have to rely on my will to make this one work. This is the best way to start a healthy life style, achieve a healthy weight, keep it forever and prevent many chronic diseases proven to be related to overweight and obesity. Eating mostly low GI and doing regular exercise was the way to go for me. Give yourself a chance to experience this amazing way of living!


‘I love it and can see myself eating this way for years to come.’ – Jade
I was a 16-year-old rather heavy athlete. I couldn’t get the right times and I was a rather unhealthy eater. One day my parents brought home a recipe book from a diabetic friend who was on the low GI diet and had accidentally ordered two copies. They paid no real attention to it using it less frequently than other books that we had. One day I was looking in the cupboard where it was kept and read the first few pages about losing weight the healthy way (not too fast) and the benefits of eating low GI with sport. I read everything I could and then got a copy of the other book that explained the whole concept. And that was the start of a new me. I stuck to it from day one and I have amazing results from it. I leaned up, lost a lot of excess weight and did really well in my cross-country season this year (2007) just from losing the extra weight. My parents don’t try to eat lower GI as I do, but they do help me in buying me whatever I need and have said repeatedly how proud they are of me, sticking to something and putting my whole heart into it. And not quitting. At times I didn’t eat what they would eat or I would take food from home instead of eating the higher GI foods that would be served at parties and functions. I run or work out and look forward to having my favourite snack that is higher GI, and it motivates me even more to work harder. And I love it and can see myself eating this way for years to come. I am 18 now and try to get all my friends to stop being as ignorant as I was about their food choices because they are such easy choices to change.

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