GI News—February 2007

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In This Issue:

  • Food For Thought
    —Should you be eating that, it’s full of sugar?
    —What does 40 grams of added sugar in a healthy diet look like?
  • GI News Briefs
    —The perils of iron overload
    —When cloudy is better than clear
    —Reducing the risk of dementia
    —Setting GI labelling standards in Australia
  • Low GI Food of the Month
  • Low GI Recipes of the Month
    —Apple and polenta crumble
    —Penne with tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil
    —High protein oat waffles
  • Success Story
    —‘What a relief to finally understand why a little butter and sugar actually won’t kill you.’ – Jane
    —‘I am in my mid-seventies and feel renewed.’ – Karl
  • What’s New?
    Guide to Farmers’ Markets
    The Don’t Go Hungry Diet
  • Feedback—Your FAQs Answered
    1. I notice that the GI for oatmeal varies. How can I find oatmeal with the lower GI?
    2. Does slow cooking raise the GI of a dish?
    3. Does it matter what flower my honey comes from?
    4. In The Low GI Diet do you have an easy way to relate the recipes to daily allowances and categories?
  • GI Values Update
    —Low GI sugar
    —Convenience meals for the US and Canada
    —Where can I get more information on GI testing?
    —Where can I get more information on the GI Symbol Program?
    —Wendy’s Chocollo


GI News Editor: Philippa Sandall
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