Curly Questions

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AdvantEDGE Carb Control snack bars claim to have only 4 g of net carbs because from the 27 g total carb count, they subtract the 6 g of fibre and 17 g of sugar alcohols (malitol syrup and malitol). What is your take on how to count the sugar alcohol in computing a net carb total?
Dr Alan Barclay says: ‘Food laws vary from country to country. The Australian Standard for GI Testing (which hopefully will soon be an International Standard) requires manufacturers to include sugar alcohols in the total available carbohydrates on the nutrition label, though only about 40–50% of the carbohydrate in maltitol/maltitol syrup is absorbed (this is accounted for when determining the amount of the food needed to measure its GI). If the Australian Standard is used, these snack bars would have to state that they contained around 12 g of available carbohydrate, not 4 g as currently claimed.’


In an effort to fit more into life I am wanting to get up early a couple of times a week to exercise before the rest of the family rises. Should I make time to eat brekkie first or jump straight in?
Dr Joanna McMillan Price says: ‘Jump straight in! In fact exercising before breakfast is a great way to burn fat – your blood glucose and insulin levels are at their lowest and with incoming carbohydrate the body does a good job of dipping into those fat stores alongside using stored carbs (glycogen). But do make sure you have had a good meal containing low GI carbs the night before to ensure your glycogen stores are well stocked. Otherwise you’ll feel below par and struggle to work at any intensity. Also be sure to drink a large glass of water before you head out to be sure of good hydration. When you get home tuck into a good low GI brekkie and you’ll feel great for the rest of the day.

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