GI News—December 2012

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  • Dr Alan Barclay on why healthy low GI food doesn’t need to cost more; 
  • Eating carbs mostly AFTER 5pm: are there benefits?   
  • What would batman eat? Helping kids make healthier choices;   
  • Kids prefer a colourful range of food on the plate;  
  • Low GI emergency pantry;
  • Coffee sobers you up: Nicole Senior investigates;
  • Six recipes to enjoy including three fruity desserts for festive fare.

In Food for Thought Prof David Katz suggests we ‘embrace health as a kind of wealth. Investing in health and treating it as something of great and universal cultural value – something we raise our kids to aspire to as they aspire to being rich – is a true, potential game-changer for the future of food, ourselves, and our planet. 

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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