GI News – April 2018

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GI News

Our first issue of GI News was posted on Blogger on 1 July 2005. We had no idea if anyone would find it or read it, so we sent the link to family, friends and colleagues. We now have over 96,000 subscribers, many of whom have been with us since the early days. Thank you one and all of you for your loyalty and for your suggestions over the years. This year, we launched our Facebook page where Natasha Williams posts stories from GI News as well as additional content including the latest scientific findings on carbohydrates, blood glucose and the glycemic index.

GI News is published by the University of Sydney, School of Life and Environmental Sciences and the Charles Perkins Centre. Our goal is to help people choose the high-quality carbs that are digested at a rate that our bodies can comfortably accommodate and to share the latest scientific findings on food and diet with a particular focus on carbohydrates, dietary fibres, blood glucose and the glycemic index.

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, AM, PhD, FAIFST, FNSA
Editor: Philippa Sandall
Scientific Editor/Managing Editor: Alan Barclay, PhD, APD AN
Contact GI News:

Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service
Manager: Fiona Atkinson, PhD, APD AN

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