GI News – July 2018

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The recent “would you go vegan to save the planet?” headlines were prompted by a study that showed animal product-free diets are likely to deliver greater environmental benefits than changing production practices because even the best managed livestock can’t produce the equivalent amount of protein as the worst managed vegetable crop without causing a bigger environmental impact. We certainly think it’s time for making better choices about the food we eat – where it has come from, how it is grown and how animals are farmed. Our goal here at GI News is to help people choose the sustaining and sustainable wholesome carbs that are digested at a rate that our bodies can comfortably accommodate.

GI News is published by the University of Sydney, School of Life and Environmental Sciences and the Charles Perkins Centre. Our goal is to help people choose the high-quality carbs that are digested at a rate that our bodies can comfortably accommodate and to share the latest scientific findings on food and diet with a particular focus on carbohydrates, dietary fibres, blood glucose and the glycemic index.

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, AM, PhD, FAIFST, FNSA
Editor: Philippa Sandall
Scientific Editor/Managing Editor: Alan Barclay, PhD, APD AN
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Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service
Manager: Fiona Atkinson, PhD, APD AN

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