The Latest GI Values with Fiona Atkinson

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Back in August, GI News announced that one of Australia’s leading supermarket chains, Woolworths, had joined the GI Symbol program with their Woolworths Select range. Here are the GI values for the tortilla, breakfast cereals and canned fruits that will be carrying the symbol.


  • Woolworths Select Traditional White Corn Tortilla GI 53
  • Woolworths Naytura Fruit and Nut Muesli GI 48
  • Woolworths Select Traditional Rolled Oats GI 57
  • Woolworths Select Apricot Halves in Fruit Juice GI 51
  • Woolworths Select Chunky Fruit Salad Portions GI 54
  • Woolworths Select Mandarin Segments in Juice GI 47
  • Woolworths Select Orange & Grapefruit Segments in Juice GI 53
  • Woolworths Select Peach & Grapes GI 46
  • Woolworths Select Peach & Pineapple in Fruit Juice GI 45
  • Woolworths Select Pineapple Pieces in Juice GI 43
  • Woolworths Select Pineapple Pieces in Unsweetened Juice GI 55
  • Woolworths Select Pineapple & Papaya Pieces in Juice GI 48
  • Woolworths Select Ruby Red Grapefruit Segments in Juice GI 45

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