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Eating the youngest, most tender peas shelled straight after picking is a truly sweet experience. Peas are easy to grow and in the right spot with appropriate TLC are generous providers from late spring through the summer months. You keep picking, they keep providing. Most of us outsource the growing and shelling and buy frozen peas – we are busy; they are there. They are just as nourishing, so make the most of this family friendly veg as a side dish or rolled into the spotlight in soups, salads, stir-fries, fritters, frittatas, rice dishes and more. Look for bright pea green unwrinkled pods in season with no splits or blemished. Avoid prepacked trays of shelled peas. Snap frozen peas are a great standby to have in the freezer and are just as nutritious. Check the use-by or best-before date.
Peas are tricky when it comes to table manners. They can shoot all over the place like little green bullets. Being from British stock we were never allowed to do what seemed the sensible thing to do to a child, turn the fork over and scoop. We had to find a way to squash the peas on to the back of the fork which we eventually discovered we could do if “pre-loaded” with a little mashed potato or pumpkin. We are delighted to see that Debretts now tells us it is OK to “scoop with an upturned fork in more casual or solitary situations”.

 Peas nutrition facts
 Source: The Good Carbs Cookbook